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    Why Apple Products are unique?

    If you are searing for a prestigious mobile brand, the first name that will come to your mind is “Apple”. Apple products have had that unique and prestigiousness over the years. So, why is Apple is so unique? And why those products are considered prestigious? Apple products are known for their design and style. The design and style make them unique. They aim to create the best in the class, which can be compared to other brands. For example, the Macbook Pro is not only a laptop but also an artwork of the form. The company believes that it’s more important to appeal than a computer itself. They spend so…

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    iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max ( My Experience)

    I used iPhone 11 Pro Max for like 4 months. Before that, I used iPhone 7 plus. So, when it comes to 7 plus to 11 pro max it was a major difference. A lot of people told me not to buy Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max as there are very few upgrades they say. But I wanted to buy and I did. As a guy who appreciates the camera and a huge contributor to google maps as a local guide, My first experience was with the camera. The camera was slightly better in 12 pro max was my first insight. Also, video quality is much better than 11 pro…

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    Airpods 2 & Airpods Pro Comparison

    Two Airpods have more than 5 hour battery life. But if you use ” Noise Cancellation” in Airpods pro it will last for like 3 hours tops. Airpods pro is fitting well to the ear without any issue.Airpods 2 is not that fitting well, but it never came out from my ears. When you use AirPods 2 you have to tap to answer calls, stop music, etc. But in, AirPods pro there are small buttons to do it. I like AirPods pro much more than AirPods 2. Airpods are really something to use.

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    iPhone 11 Pro max – My experience.

    Iphone 11 pro released one year ago from now. It has so many advanced features when comparing to the previous one. In my part, I bought Iphone 11 pro max after Iphone 7 plus.According to me, Iphone 7 plus is an unique phone. It has so many wonderful features including the camera system. Portrait mode of the iphone 7 plus is inspiring. For nearly four years, Iphone 7 plus didn’t give me any trouble. It’s been a month and a week I’m using iPhone 11 pro max. The first thing when I saw it from the box was, it was well made and there is a unique look in it.…