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Supernatural as I saw it

Supernatural tv series is among my favorites. It aired for 15 years ( 2005-2020).
It was based on two brothers who never give up on each other. In the very beginning, their mother was killed by a yellow-eyed demon and their lives changed. Their father raised them as worries. Actually, their father learned about demons and evil things and he fought against them and trained his sons for it since they were very little.
Since little ones those brothers’ lives changed. They didn’t have a normal human life.

“ Saving people. Hunting things. Family Business” – favorite quote about Supernatural. 

Brothers grew up with so many things and faced all those evil things and they won most of the time. They even killed the yellow demon as they needed to do it.

After that, they didn’t just meet ghosts and vampires, werewolves, but also demons, angels, purgatory ones and many more. Some of them are mysterious creatures and what not. Archangels, princes of hell etc.

Throughout the series two brothers face so many difficulties and they do it with humanity most of the time. Sometimes they die and come back. They fight against angels and demons and almost everyone. Brotherly love towards each other showing all the time.
Eventually they fight against God himself and it ends in a perfect way I would say.

In my experience, because of this tv series my fear for evil things is gone. That was the first thing I had from this. More than a decade ago, it was something not to be afraid of darkness and related things. So I was very fond of it. Each season contained more than twenty episodes and I have watched each and every episode. I watched 14 seasons more than 5 times. I wasn’t addicted to it. It was much more than that. Like a part of my life. I’m a big brother so most of the time I liked him better than Sam. I saw how Dean was trying hard to do things better, to protect his brother even all the odds are against it. Sam, is the caring one in my opinion. He was the little child and he is the one who completely lost mother’s love and even father’s after the tragedy. They get bad and misfortune from the tragedy and no one to help directly, they turn to caring human beings. Those qualities are remarkable.

Watching 15 Seasons, for 15 years continuously is not an easy thing. Some of my friends quit watching saying this is taking too long. But I didn’t quit watching. Maybe because I wanted to make the world a better place.
The ending was a perfect ending for me. Heaven and Hell and many more with it.
I’m so happy to watch this supernatural and learn from it. It was more than entertainment! 


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