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Right Kind of Wrong (2013)

In my opinion, this movie is out of the ordinary one. Usually, there are romantic movies, and also action or thrillers, etc. But this one is apart from all of those. In this movie, the main character is a young man who is a writer. A failed writer if to be frank. His passion is writing but his occupation is dishwashing. He does dishwashing also with passion. It gave me the thought that you can do whatever correctly if it is done by heart.
The story starts with the break up of his marriage and soon after he meets an energetic girl at a wedding and surprisingly it is her wedding day ( she marries another man).

His ex-wife writes a blog and it’s about his weaknesses and failures as a husband, as a lover, and also as a human being. It becomes famous and she climbs to the top. Yet this young failed writer doing his dishwashing while having a debt too. His crush is married to a big shot lawyer and he tries to make sure his wife won’t turn onto him but failed.
That is the story. There are a lot of behind things, anyone has to watch to know for exact.

So, to me, this one is a life changing one. A failed one who is down on his knees with debt and all and even his wife leaves him and even she became a celebrity writer by blogging his weaknesses, and yet he does not so upset about things and tries to move on with life. So he met that lovely woman and at first sight he falls into her.

Even though she married a wealthy man and with all comforts, she is having and all, he didn’t give up. He stalked her and found her ideas and qualities and behavior. She slowly understands his qualities and disputes his husband’s snobby attitude. One time, something came up and he had to make sure his friend and children are safe, he had to give up her and he did it. That one also shows that his humanity didn’t fail or hesitate to do the right thing. But afterward, she came to him with knowing his faithful attitude.

So this movie is a good one for those all who think as losers. Losing is not a bad thing, it’s a part of life. Lose but don’t break and learn. That is the message of this movie to me. As I see this is a motivational one as well.

Thivantha Harischandra

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