How many times you have failed?

If you are a person who chases your dreams and goals, you should have failed for a time now I think. It is a really necessary thing when it comes to a life lesson. Simply if you fail more there is more chance you to succeed.
Have you seen a person who succeeds without failures?
Usually, the answer is No. If it’s yes, what is the common weakness?
That people like that don’t have much patience. So, if there is downfall or an issue which hard to control, those kinda people lose it.

In my opinion, don’t afraid to fail. Yes, it is hard when you fail. But don’t think of it. Because which fails you today will give you a never-ending life lesson. Next time you face an issue like that, you already know what the outcome is. Also, if there is a similar issue, you can think more and most probably will find a suitable answer.

Always keep it in mind, downfall, and failures are not bad things. They are lifesavers. If you fail try again and try not to be broke. Try again, check some of the famous people who turned their failures into success.

01) Knut Hamsun
He tried to enter the United States of America several times. He failed each time. Finally, he wrote a book about his experiences when he attempted.
He won the Nobel Prize for that!

02) Harry S. Truman
He had done a lot of jobs and he failed every time. But after some time he worked hard and became a politician. He becomes the 33rd President of the United States.

03) Abraham Lincoln
Tried to be a storekeeper. He failed. He tried to be an engineer, he failed again. Tried to be a marketer and failed. Became a soldier and ranked up to a captain and he resigned. Became a lawyer and won some cases but failed some. Then he became a politician and continue to fail. But eventually, he became the 16th President of the United States of America.

04) Thomas Alva Edison
The schoolteacher said he can’t learn anything. So he did so many jobs as a little boy, he understood that not only school education is worth but also, education from experiences is also important. He had invented more than a thousand inventions for the world.

There are a lot of them we can find if we explore this. So don’t be afraid to start and work hard and even if fail!


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