What is Astrology?

Astrology is a science. It is an ancient science than modern science. Astrology studies and experiments of the movements and almost everything of stars and all. Actually, it reveals how it affects the people and the whole world. Astrology is monitoring starts who goes around by the Sun. Sun is the main power source in our solar panel.

So, my question and almost everybody’s question is, ” is Astrology real?
I would say, it’s debatable. Also, it has various answers. I answer, yeah, Astrology is true, but I cannot guarantee you that it is always accurate.
Astrology gives predictions and we have to make sure we turn that prediction into a good result for us.
Simply, if Sun will not rise up tomorrow morning, it will affect us all. Even though, if one day, Sun is not rising, as usual, it affects everything including cops and many more. Likewise, there is some connection we can understand and it’s up to us to use it or not.

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