What is the IP Rating of the mobile phones we use?

Today we use the phone not only to make phone calls. Today, the phone has become one of our most essential everyday devices. We do not hesitate to take it with us wherever we go. So with the advent of smartphones, we need to protect our smartphones. From that thief as well as the damage it could do.

Damage to smartphones can include frequent falls, waterlogging, and dust. So how do we prevent this from happening? The real answer is that it is difficult for us to prevent this damage when it happens. Because we do not think of the phone / put it in the water. This all happens when we least expect it. Because of this, the manufacturer has introduced various features to protect our smartphone as much as possible from the damage caused to many smartphones today.

They include Gorilla Glass Protection and Water & Dust Resistance capabilities. Today we will look at the IP Rating unit which measures the Water & Dust Resistance capability. Read the previous article about our Gorilla Glass Display Protection.

What is an IP Rating? Simply put, this rating refers to the ability of a device to enter water and dust.

This is always expressed with two digits (IP_ _), the first digit indicates the ability of dust particles to enter the device and the second digit indicates the ability of water to enter the device. That is, these two numbers tell us what level of physical security our device has.

The Apple iPhone 11 device has an IP68 rating. What does that mean? Consider the chart below.

The first digit of IP68, 6, reads about the possibility of dust entering, and the second digit, 8, reads about water penetration. This means that the iPhone 11 can withstand dust for up to 8 hours and will not be a problem for the device even in deep water. If you are buying a flagship device, this IP rating is definitely an important thing to consider.

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