What is computer memory?

You know that computers can store data and information. But computers do that work with the help of these storage devices. The computer stores this data, information. Also, the way each storage device works varies. We can divide computer memory into two main parts. If they are.

  1. Main Memory
  2. Secondary Memory

01. Main Memory

Memory that can be accessed directly from the CPU is called Main Memory. There are three types of Main Memory. Let us now look at the three types and their functionality.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The function of RAM is to hold data temporarily. Hold the data in it, it will be erased automatically when the computer is disconnected. Therefore, it belongs to the category of Volatile Memory. This RAM also helps to increase the efficiency of a computer.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

The data in this ROM will not be erased when the computer is turned off. Therefore this ROM belongs to the category of Non-volatile Memory. This ROM stores the data and commands required for the basic operation of the computer. The motherboard manufacturer of the computer has programs like BIOS stored inside this ROM. The ROM is connected to the computer motherboard.

Cache Memory

This cache memory is very small in size but faster than other memory. This is also known as CPU Memory. The CPU and Primary Memory retain frequently used data as intermediaries. This cache memory also belongs to the category of Volatile Memory.

02. Secondary Memory

Storing data and information permanently is called Secondary Memory or Secondary Storage. These can be connected to a computer inside and out as well as portable. This Secondary Memory belongs to the category of Non-Volatile Memory as Data is not erased during power outages.

Let us now look at some examples of these secondary memories and how they work.

Hard Disks

This hard disk, which is often used to store data and information, is usually found in a computer. We can also take care of the external hard disk. This hard disk comes in different capacities. This hard disk is called a read / write memory because the user can read and write on the hard disk. These usually have capacities ranging from 250GB to 4TB, but this is changing day by day with the advancement of technology.

Floppy Disks

These floppy disks that read and write data using magnetic technology are out of use today. These floppy disks have very low capacity compared to other storage devices. These floppy disks that read / write data at very low speeds are made in sizes like 8 inch, 5.25 inch, 3.5 inch (3 1/2 “).

Optical Discs

These optical disks are one of the most widely used storage devices today for storing and moving data. There are three main types of optical disks. If so, 1. Compact Discs (CD). 2. Digital Versatile Discs (DVD). 3. Blu-ray Discs.

USB Flash Drive

This USB is one of the most widely used storage devices today as it is easy to move around and transfer data very fast.

Memory Card

Works similarly to a USB flash drive. But the way it connects to the computer is different and the size of the device is small. Digital Cameras and Smartphones use these Memory Cards a lot


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