What is Bluetooth?

This is definitely a feature that we have all used. This technology is used in everything from keypad phones to smart phones. And not just for phones. Today, there is hardly a place where this Bluetooth technology is not used.

What exactly is Bluetooth?

Simply put, this is a technology used to exchange data between two devices. Also in a very short distance. ‌‌ Data transfer between two devices using UHF radio wave.

In terms of history, the founder of this concept is Jaap Haartsen. He worked for Ericsson.

Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum connectivity range of about 30 feet. But this range varies according to the things around us and where we are.

This technology is used for headphones, wireless mice as well as car sound systems.

Is Bluetooth Technology Safe?

Initially, it was said that there was no security threat, but in the past it was discovered that when two devices are connected via Bluetooth, an outsider can access the data as well as control those devices. Encryption keys used to secure the connection between the two devices. This process of gaining contact data and control is called Key Negotiation of Bluetooth (KNOB). Then this was somewhat corrected by the Security Update sent by the device manufacturers.

Today, this Bluetooth technology can be used to pair two mobile devices as well as Earbuds, Car, Fridge, Tv, Speakers, Computers and many other devices using Bluetooth technology.

It also has the ability to automatically connect with a previously paired device if it is within the specified range.

Currently using Bluetooth 5.0 (2016), this has extended the battery life of Bluetooth devices. Also the transmission range was increased to 200m. The first devices to hit the market with Bluetooth 5.0 were the Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 & X.

Bluetooth technology, which was created by discovering the ability to exchange data between two devices using the UHF Radio Wave, has made a huge revolution in the world of technology. And today this has become an indispensable technology.

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