What is DNS Records in this Domain Name?

Today I will tell you what is DNS in a domain. Everyone knows what a domain name is. But the problem that many people have is not knowing how to properly configure the domain name with their server. People already know that there is something called Nameservers and that it is OK to change it. But I have no idea what is really going on there. Today I am going to tell you a little idea about that .

Any domain can be obtained through a company called ICANN from anywhere. Imagine Godaddy, Namecheap Wherever you are, the domain is registered in your name by an international company called ICANN. Then imagine that you are getting a server from somewhere. Now when you hit this domain in the browser, the first request goes to ICANN. Here your request is directed to the DNS servers. These DNS servers look at where the servers are in the domain.

At this point, the domain should be able to identify where the domain is completely pointed. We have added the DNS record called Nameservers so that we can find the server at this time.

Nameservers are where the domain is completely pointed. There are a few more things here. A records, MX, TXT, CNAME There are loads of DNS variants in one way or another. To determine all of this, the assignment to the server is done by pointing to Nameservers .

Nameservers, for example,, will usually give you the location of the server.

So what are these A records and the aforementioned MX, CNAME, TXT? These are also must-haves. After you point the domain from the nameservers, the server decides where these other things should go.

An A Record is a description of the server that has the IP that your Web should load. MX is a description of the server that should handle your emails. CNAME is just something that can give us the idea that something is invisible to us. When creating a Blogspot Blog, we need CNAMES. TXT is the DNS record that applies to certain verifications.

All of these things usually get cPanel with the server pointing to their own server by default. (cPanel is a type of control panel that you get when you buy a server. Currently, cPanel is considered to be the best in the world.) If you want to login to this cPanel, you have the opportunity to change things like A, MX, TXT.

If someone is pointing directly from the domain like A records without Nameservers, first we need to update the Nameservers they give us from the domain to their own server. Then we can work with things like A, CNAME, MX, TXT in a separate domain.

So these DNS Records are always wanted by the website builders. You have to check this often as if the web is down and emails are down. So it has a very simple app in the Play Store. You can install this on your Android phone and view the DNS records of your domains in a matter of seconds.

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